Rapesco 835-P Germ Savvy 2 Hole Punch Metal 40 Sheet Black



The Rapesco 835-P 2-hole punch. This heavy duty punch features all-metal working parts along with a neat flip-open confetti tray, paper guide and lock-down handle for easy storage and comes complete with Germ-Savvy™ antimicrobial protection.

What is Germ-Savvy™?

Rapesco has developed a new product range to help improve hygiene wherever you are working.

Our Germ-Savvy™ antimicrobial agent is added to the external plastic parts during manufacture and provides protection for the lifetime of the product.

Silver and Zinc ions are added to the plastics at the moulding stage. The ions bond to the bacterium and prevent cell growth. Some silver ions break down the cell walls and stop them from developing. The germs die without replicating.

The effectiveness of Germ-Savvy™ products against bacteria is proven and certified to ISO 22196:2011. It is not claimed or intended to be effective against viral pathogens.

£25.84 exc VAT

£25.84 exc VAT

  • Heavy duty punch with all metal working parts for reliable and consistent hole-punching
  • Neat flip-open confetti tray for easy emptying and handle locking device for tidy storage
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • Permanently reduces the risk of infection from plastic parts
  • Improves hygiene levels in the school, office and home
  • Certified by SGS to ISO standards
Antibacterial Protection Yes
Brand Rapesco
Colour Black
Lock Down Handle Yes
Manufacturer Rapesco Office Products Plc
Paper Guide Yes
Punch Capacity 40 Sheets
Punch Type 2 Hole Punch
Type Hole Punches
Warranty 15 Year Warranty

£25.84 exc VAT

£25.84 exc VAT